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Fabpole is a unique combination of pole fitness and aerial silks that offers a fun and challenging workout experience. Our classes are designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced, and are taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals. Join us today and discover the benefits of Fabpole!

What to expect.

Fabpole class is an exciting and empowering experience that combines dance, fitness, and acrobatics. You can expect to learn pole tricks, spins, and transitions while building strength and confidence. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a fun and challenging workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and energized. Join us for a fabpole class and discover a new way to move your body!

When attending a fabpole class, it's recommended to wear comfortable workout clothes that allow for ease of movement. Leggings or shorts and a tank top or sports bra are popular choices. It's also important to wear shorts or leggings that expose the back of your knees to help grip the pole. Avoid wearing jewelry or lotion on your hands or body, as it can make it difficult to grip the pole. Lastly, bring a water bottle and a positive attitude!

Where to start

We suggest you start with an Introduction class which we run as a 4 week course, if you don't see this on the schedule you can start in a level 1 class. The difference between Intro and Level 1, Level 1 classes have students that have been attending class and have developed some basic skill an Intro class is for new students who have not tried pole before. Our instructors will always teach to your level and give you appropriate modifications that suit your ability!

Perks of Joining Our Studio

Our studio takes pride in being an inclusive community, and becoming a part of it brings many benefits. You'll have the opportunity to join our supportive tribe, become a part of our demo team, perform at our exclusive studio showcases and community events, attend specialty training and compete in regional and national events.


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